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Frontend Development and Web Design (UX/UI) with HTML5 and CSS3

This course provides an introduction to HTML5 and CSS3 to help students gain basic programming skills. We will focus on using HTML5/CSS3 to implement programming logic, define and use variables, develop user interfaces, capture and validate user input, and create well-structured application.

This course helps students to use Interaction design methodologies to make a responsive web application and enhance the user experience.

The goal of the course is for the participant to gain a strong foundation for frontend web development and User Interface design.

Target audience:
Professional developers and non-proffesionals are equaly welcomed to take part of the cource. Some recommendation of previous experience:

  • Professional developers who have 4-9 month of programming experience and are interested in developing web applications using HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Non-professionals with 1-3 month experience in creating web applications.
  • People without a developer background who are interested in creating web applications.
  • Junior frontend/software developers and other who are willing to make a rich website in terms of design and developments


  • Day 1: HTML5
    • Overview & Fundamentals of HTML
    • Metadata and document head
    • Texts
    • Images
    • Hyperlinks
    • Lists
    • HTML semantics
    • Audio, video and other objects
    • HTML5 data elements
    • Document outlines
    • Tables
    • Frames
    • Forms
  • Day 2: CSS3
    • CSS status
    • Using CSS
    • CSS syntax
    • Formatting text
    • Formatting images
    • Using colors and backgrounds
    • Creating borders
    • Formatting links
    • Positioning
  • Day 3: UX/UI design
    • Responsive web design
    • Layout types
    • Fix design
    • Fluid design
    • Responsive design
    • Grid-based layout
    • Media query
    • Introducing CSS frameworks and Grids
    • Choosing a framework
    • Setting up a framework
    • Building a framework-based site
    • Building a Grid-based layout

Learning methods: Practical exercise, independent work.
Assesment methods: Execution of independent work.

After finishing this course student has the ability to:

  • Use HTML5 to create and run a Web application.
  • Describe the new features of HTML5, and create and style HTML5 pages.
  • Create HTML5 forms by using different input types, and validate user input by using HTML5 attributes.
  • Style/Design HTML5 pages by using CSS3.
  • Create HTML5 Web pages that can adapt to different devices and form factors.
  • Enhance the user experience (UX) by improving the responsiveness of a Web application

Marek Lints
BCS Koolituse partnerlektor. Full-stack tarkvaraarendaja (Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL).

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Frontend Development and Web Design (UX/UI) with HTML5 and CSS3