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iOS Basic Programming

In this course we will learn how to build and improve a responsive application using swift language in xcode.

The main goal of the course is to gain a strong skill in prgramming with Swift language and become able to create a full-featured program for iOS devices and apple watch.


  • Introduction
    • Installing SDK
    • Register in apple developer
    • Joining iOS developer program
    • First iOS example
  • Tools
    • xcode
    • iOS simulator
  • Swift programming
    • installation
    • strings
    • basic math
    • String Subsitution
    • Conditionals
    • While loops
    • UI image view
    • Dictionaries, Arrays, and optionals
    • Switch statement
    • Variables and constants
    • Classes
  • Development kit
    • UI table view
    • UI color
    • UI button
    • Segues
    • Table view details
    • Image button gesture recognizer
    • ScrollView
    • Web view
    • Custom NavBar
    • Animate
    • Tab Bar controller
  • Sample app
    • UI collection view
    • MapKit
    • Custom Class for data
    • WebView
    • Menu item detail
  • Building up the first app
    • Creating the storyboard
    • Making connections to the swift File
    • IOS simulator and writing your first function
  • Numbers App
    • What is Numbers app?
    • Variables and constances in numbers app
    • Printing the console
    • Functions
    • Creating UI
    • Ifelse
  • Multiple pickerview component
    • Configuring the 2 pickerview components
    • Making selections and changing the message label
  • Table views
    • Setting up the UI and datasource
    • Adding functions to populate the table view
    • Selecting rows and adding checkmarks
  • View controller
    • Setting up second view controller
    • Creating the segue and passing the data
  • Advanced table views
    • TableView Controler with CustomFile
    • Custom classes
    • Structs
    • Custom cell class for TableView
    • Custom array of arrays
  • Maps
    • Mapkit ad Corelocation
    • Current location
    • Dropping pin and label
  • NSUserDefaults
    • For – in loop
    • NSUserDefaultsClass
    • Writing data
    • Retrieving data
  • App store
    • Creating the app icon
    • Creating app ID
    • Downloading signing certificates
    • Creating a profile

After finishing this course student has the ability to:

  • Use core Swift syntax
  • Use arrays, numbers, strings, data types and objects
  • Use classes and methods
  • Use Libraries
  • Create a responsive application for iOS devices
  • Create a responsive application for apple watch

Learning methods: Practical exercise, independent work.
Assesment methods: Execution of independent work.

Amir Zare Pashaei
, lektor/konsultant/MCT. Valdkond: Veebi- ja tarkvaraarendus (HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Java, Python, JavaScript, Typescript, C#.NET, C++, ASP.NET, Visual Basic, MySQL, SQL Server, NodeJS, Angular 4, Android, iOS, macOS).
See the web portfolio of lecturer here: Amir Zare Pashaei

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iOS Basic Programming

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