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Java Basic Programming

The main goal of the course is to gain a strong skill in programming with Java language and become able to create a full-featured program.

In this course we will focus how to use Java to implement programming logic, define and use objects and variables to create a responsive application.

Target audience:
We welcome people who are interested in developing java applications. Attendants with no programming background are welcome to this course. Also programmers with experience of 4 to 6 months are more than welcome.


  • Introduction to Java language
    • History of Java
    • How does Java work
    • JVM architecture
    • What is JVM
    • Configuring Java classpath
    • Downloading and installing JDK
    • What is JDK and JRE
  • Java Fundamentals
    • Syntax rules
    • Type of errors
    • Reserved words
    • Variables
    • Escape sequences
  • Objects and classes in Java
    • Creating objects in Java
    • Introduction to objects and classes
  • Working with Arrays and data types
    • Data types in Java
    • Types of arrays
    • Working with arrays and methods
    • Working with variables and data types
  • loop control in Java
    • Different types of loops in Java
    • Do…While loop
    • Enhanced For loop (for each)
    • For loop
    • While loop in Java
  • Decision making in Java
    • Introduction to decision making
    • IF statement
    • Switch statements
    • String in switch statement
  • Inheritance in Java
    • Introduction to inheritance and types of inheritance
    • Multi-level and Single inheritance
    • 8.Working with strings in Java
    • Converting
    • StringBuffer
  • Exception handling
    • Throwing and catching
    • Exception hierarchy
    • Catch process
  • Building GUI
    • Working with Swing
    • Working with labels, buttons, and etc.

Learning methods: Practical exercise, independent work.
Assesment methods: Execution of independent work.

After finishing this course student has the ability to:

  • Use Java IDE including eclipse/ Intellij IDE
  • Describe the new features of  Java, and demonstrate how java works
  • Create objects and define classes and methods and use them in various ways
  • Describe and recognize JVM and JDKs
  • Explain the  runtime architecture
  • Explain encapsulation
  • Make a responsive application


Amir Zare Pashaei, lektor/konsultant/MCT. Valdkond: Veebi- ja tarkvaraarendus (HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Java, Python, JavaScript, Typescript, C#.NET, C++, ASP.NET, Visual Basic, MySQL, SQL Server, NodeJS, Angular 4, Android, iOS, macOS).
See the web portfolio of lecturer here: Amir Zare Pashaei

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Java Basic Programming

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