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Kanban Maturity Model

We invite you to the training course “Kanban Maturity Model” (KMM).

KMM model appeared as a result of summarizing and structuring the work of multiple Kanban coaches with different organizations. Essence and learning of that work formed a KMM model. It provides you with a structured way to introduce or improve Kanban in an organization. In this class, you are going to learn this structured approach. This course is the official training class of Kanban University, founded by David Anderson – author of the Kanban method. All participants will receive an official internationally recognized certificate of attendance from Kanban University.

Target Audience: This class is a “next step” in the Kanban learning roadmap. It is required that all visitors had Kanban Management Professional (KMP) designation, meaning that they had visited both Kanban System Design (KSD) and Kanban Management Professional (KMP) classes.

Training is particularly suitable for those who:

  • want to understand deeper concepts behind the Kanban method;
  • are going to implement Kanban in their work environment.

Besides that, training helps build the structure of understanding of Kanban principles and practices for all participants and introduces a common “language” of terms – equally understand the terms, practices, and, most importantly, the purpose of process improvement using Kanban systems.


  • The maturity level of the organization in relation to observable behaviors, management practices, and business outcomes;
  • KMM model and its architecture;
  • Appropriateness of implementing the Kanban practices according to various levels;
  • Integration of the KMM with other models and methods;
  • Evolving a fit-for-purpose organization;
  • Main barriers of getting to KMM levels and how to overcome those;
  • Building structure and review of Kanban practices (with most of them you should already be familiar with).

Kirill Klimov
He helps organizations use modern management methods and frameworks to drive change within an organization so that it becomes an awesome workplace and deliver best to its customers.

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Kanban Maturity Model

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