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Python 3 Programming

This is a technical course that introduces the Python 3 programming language. It is an instructor led presentation and hands on exercises course using MS Windows, but is equally applicable to other platforms such as Linux.

This course is suitable for programmers starting new projects in Python 3, or for those porting existing applications from Python 2.

No previous knowledge of Python is assumed, although delegates should be familiar with at least one programming language.

Experience of another scripting language, such as Perl or PHP, will be an advantage, as will previous experience of object oriented programming.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Use the Python interactive interpreter to write and run Python 3 programs
  • Understand Python 3 language elements
  • Exploit the rich library of Python libraries and modules
  • Appreciate the differences between Python 2 and Python 3
  • Recognize simple and complex variable types and select appropriately
  • Use Python 3 operators and built-in functions
  • Understand procedural control flow in Python 3
  • Program file input/output, including persistent data objects.
  • Create well organized and efficient code using functions and modules
  • Use Object Oriented programming techniques in Python 3.
  • Build robust applications with error trapping and reporting
  • Run and control other programs from Python
  • Take advantage of multi-core processors with multiprocessing

Chris Farell

Chris joined QA in February 2012. Prior to that he ran a successful iPhone and .NET development consultancy Xivuh.com. He has over twenty years development experience and has worked with C, C++,VB, C#, JavaScript, Swift and Objective-C. Recently he has become involved with developing and teaching cross platform mobile applications using the Xamarin platform. With a wealth of industry experience within some of the worlds major corporations and also within high tech start-ups.
Having developed applications for iPhone/iPad, ASP.NET, WPF, Silverlight and WinForms his industry he has a wide and real world base of experience.
Chris is also a published author with books on .NET Performance optimization and most recently a book focussing on .NET Memory Management.

Koolitushind sisaldab:

  • õppematerjale;
  • virtuaallaborite praktikume;
  • tunnistust.

Lisaväärtusena pakume:

  • sooje jooke koos küpsistega;
  • lõunasööki igal koolituspäeval;
  • tasuta parkimist.

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Python 3 Programming