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Wireless Hacking-2020: Learn how to hack like Blackhat and how to secure them from attacks

The Wireless Hacking Training has long history since we’ve been second to none, when created this training back in 2003. Internet is now the basic need of our daily life. With the increasing use of smartphones, most of the things are now online. Every time we have to do something, we just use our smartphone or desktop. This is the reason wi-fi hotspots can be found everywhere and this is the reason we do not do wardriving session this year.

Over 15 years our hacking training is based on the most recently occurring security issues in wireless networks and solutions that our consultants-trainers have discovered over years of testing practices and daily working experiences. Some of the issues might be used for malicious purposes. During the one day long intensive hands-on training all of the attacks are explained in theory at first, then demonstrated and fully practiced in testing environment in laboratory. As usual, adequate defensive means and tools will be provided.

This course is meant for system administrators, developers, and others who work with IT and IT security, who wants to learn more about the techniques hackers use today in order to better test their own applications and infrastructure, detect attacks, and resist them.

Participants have to bring their laptops preferably running Kali Linux

The main themes of training are:

  • Attacking Weak Wireless Encryption
  • How to attack and secure weak encryption methods
  • DoS on Wireless Networks
  • Perform and defend against common wireless DoS attacks.
  • Rogue Networks
  • How to identify and protect against rogue wireless networks
  • Attacking WPA2 Pre-Shared Key Networks
  • Capturing and evaluating WPA2
  • PSK client network authentication exchanges
  • … and more new and thrilling themes on WiFi/Wireless Security

Alter Security Wireless Hacking Trainings are supplied by up to date student manual and a guidance to toolbox, that can be applied in testing of managed wireless networks by network or security administrator techniques used by hackers from beginning with information gathering to utilization and retrieval of data. Through practical laboratory sessions, you will learn to use tools-techniques for assessing the security of a wireless network.

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Wireless Hacking-2020: Learn how to hack like Blackhat and how to secure them from attacks