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BlackBelt – Securing Windows 10 and Server 2016/2019

Gartner has said that one of the most needed changes in enterprise security is to move to a least privilege approach, whitelisting of applications and overall proactive security. Microsoft said in February 2018 that 85% of all security threats would have been mitigated by moving to proactive security. In year 2017 all major antimalware companies reported more than 1.000.000 new malware samples EVERY day! Do you really need more convincing that you need to do it as well than these facts. Well there is more just make you sure 😉 Whitelisting is considered as the most recommended security feature for 2018 and up, and it’s also a NATO requirement for Windows 10 implementations. Now that Windows 10 is the last Windows ever, shouldn’t you take the time to actually do it smart?

The BEST thing you can do is to learn from the Best Security Expert, and the most educating and entertaining speaker in the world – Sami Laiho. Sami has been consulting companies with 10 computers and enterprises with close to 600.000 endpoints. Many things that you take for granted when it comes to energy or money is actually secured by his knowledge. Don’t miss out, this is the cheapest consulting you will ever get, while learning!

While the client and the server versions share the same Kernel there certain things that only apply to Windows Servers – this course also includes the needed info on how to protect Windows Server and infrastructure services!

Target audience:
This training is meant for all administrators and security professionals who want to make sure their environments are ready for the new security era where traditional security measures like anti-malware are not effective anymore, and who want to make the best out of what Windows 10 and Server 2019 have to offer. Sami also teaches nurses, devs and CSO’s so don’t be afraid just join the class even if you are not the traditional ITPro!

Basic experience with Windows Administration, Basic understanding of Active Directory, Basic understanding of networking infrastructure.


  • Day 1:
    • Introduction to the current and future state of IT security
    • The showcase of how Windows really gets hacked!
    • Implementing hard disk encryption – Building a BulletProof BitLocker!
    • Implementing shielded VMs and Virtual TPMs
    • Cornerstones of Windows Security – How the Security Subsystem really Works
    • Using Baselines to protect clients and servers (and how to fix Microsoft’s broken default ones)
  • Day 2:
    • Implementing the principle of least privilege – getting rid of admin rights!
    • Correct use of different levels of admin accounts in an enterprise
    • Why and How to use UAC effectively
    • Using containers and Windows Defender Application Guard to increase security
    • Server 2016/2019 Bastion/Red/ESAE forests and how to secure Active Directory
    • Protecting infrastructure services like DHCP, DNS and AD DCs
  • Day 3:
    • Mitigating Pass-The-Hash attacks and what ever Mimikatz can do to you
    • Implementing Credential Guard and other Secure Kernel Technologies
    • Getting rid of lateral movement of admin accounts – Implementing a three tier infrastructure
    • Correct decisions when choosing secure hardware in the futuure
    • Moving to Biometrics and Two-Factor Authentication
  • Day 4:
    • Implementing the PAW – Privileged Access Workstation
    • Securely managing Servers
    • Protections RDP-connections
    • Implementing Whitelisting in Windows
    • AppLocker and Device Guard in Windows 10
    • Implementing REALISTIC Security in REAL life – comparing Office desktops to workstations that can launch missiles

Join this four day workshop by Sami Laiho, one of the world’s leading Windows Security experts and get this thing sorted out and make sure you are prepared for the future. During this hands-on training you will see why proactive security is mandatory and also learn to implement it in practice.

sami laihoSami Laiho is a Senior Technical Fellow and a Microsoft MVP in the Windows OS. Sami is one of the world’s leading professionals in Windows Security and Troubleshooting.
In 2014 Sami’s session was awarded as the Best Session in all major TechEd conferences: US, Europe and Australia.
Specializes in and trains:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Security
  • Centralized Management
  • Active Directory
  • Hacking
  • Penetration testing
  • Social Engineering

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BlackBelt – Securing Windows 10 and Server 2016/2019